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REEA’s blended rate includes a local leadership team which has the chops to make sure strategy, design, engineering, and deployment are rock solid.

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Justin has held leadership roles in companies that span Fortune 500, growth stage, and startups. He’s launched hundreds of products around the world and led global teams to deliver exceptional results. These experiences have honed his ability to transition from strategic planning into the throws of a well-organized project plan seamlessly.

Justin started working with Dan Masca and his team to build an all-in-one SaaS platform for appointment-based businesses called Artichoke. This experience was the spark that led this team to create a new type of high-performance software development and user experience research company, now known as REEA GLOBAL.

Justin’s role in REEA Global is as the president with a heavy lean on operations, product strategy, and brand.




After having held a variety of positions in state-owned and privately held companies for over 29 years, Dan acted on his vision to build an one-stop-shop for IT and digital services, successfully building a team of over 140 highly skilled professionals to deliver exceptional custom IT projects and digital services for clients worldwide.

His role in REEA GLOBAL is as the chief technology officer which ties our organization seamlessly to the REEA team in Romania.




Alan brings to the table a combination of cutting-edge IT skills and business expertise, honed in several leadership roles for leading tech companies and even extending into space. While working at NASA’s space program, he was credited for single-handedly delivering live data to the NASA team at low cost and with lightning speed.

As eTelemetry’s CTO and co-founder, he developed the business plan, product roadmap, pilot systems, and raised capital. Always a step ahead of the pack, Alan founded the company striving to achieve Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) by combining AI with real-time network systems and big data analytics.

Putting his advanced network technology, analytics, and business skills to good use, Alan likes to lead on corporate strategy, product planning and the tactical delivery of products. Throughout his career, both as an entrepreneur and in several senior IT roles, he was charged with engineering, quality assurance, product management, product strategy, and road mapping.

His systems engineering resumé includes a role as director of advanced engineering at USi (Now part of AT&T), where he helped to lead the industry in virtualizing infrastructure and boosting the standards of innovative technology across research and development, product development, and automation.



Cyber Security Expert

Todd is a talented IT professional with technical, business management and leadership experience in many industries (healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, financial, insurance, education, and retail). He has provided high-level organizational and technology roadmaps, technical assessments, design and consulting services to a wide range of clients. During Todd’s career, he has progressed through multiple roles including engineer, programmer, project leader/ manager, trainer, system architect, consultant, and CXO.

Todd’s role with REEA GLOBAL is as the chief cyber security officer with a heavy lean on bridging the gap between business needs and technical solutions.




Zeila is a seasoned Researcher, User Experience Strategist and Freelance Writer with several years of industry experience. Driven by her fascination with the intersections of psychology, technology, and design, Zeila takes pride in providing the best recommendations possible to solve complex problems and improve people’s lives with user-centric product design.

A product design leader driven by curiosity and open-mindedness, Zeila was introduced to UX as a Research Assistant and In-Virtual Reality Quality Evaluator at Meta Reality Labs Pittsburgh. Tasked with facilitating user studies and evaluating data produced for the future Metaverse, Zeila’s ability to collaborate cross-functionally improved user experiences spanning multiple touchpoints in the research process.

In addition to her impact on user experiences at Meta Reality Labs Pittsburgh, Zeila can be credited with contributions to print and online publications as a Features Writer and operating a small sustainable-fashion business as a personal stylist. Zeila’s multidisciplinary background lends itself to human-centered design; her ability to empathize with multiple viewpoints and translate that information for varied audiences allows her to produce vivid, data-driven retellings of user stories at every step of the design process.

At REEA Global, Zeila’s role as Lead UX Researcher is to design and implement user studies that employ qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify user-needs and pain points in clients’ digital software/user interfaces. Her penchant for empathy and aesthetics paired with her analytical mindset produce profound assessments of and recommendations for technical hardware, software, and digital solutions. Whether the UX study is large-scale or granular, the research insights Zeila gleans help companies define opportunities, envision their future and deliver valuable products to their users.