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Benefits of Strategic Planning and Building a Product Roadmap

When it comes to building successful software, it's essential to have a clear plan in place.This is where strategic planning and product roadmapping come in.Strategic planning involves setting goals and identifying the actions needed to achieve those goals.
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ECommerce Platform Feature Development

ECommerce Platforms: When It’s Time to Build Custom Features

We all know that eCommerce has transformed the ease with which we find and exchange goods and services.Some of us can barely stand the thought of having to go to a physical store for most purchases.It’s just become so easy and relatively painless to shop online.
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How to Evaluate and Prioritize Risk versus Value of Feature Development

How to Evaluate and Prioritize Risk vs. Value of Feature Development

All software platforms must evolve to thrive and survive by adjusting to users' needs and, when justified, expanding core functionality.The challenge for leadership and product teams is to select the features that provide the greatest ROI with acceptable risk.
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Use Cases of User Experience Research

Practical Use Cases of User Experience Research – Part 3

Why Conduct UXR? Use cases typically describe how users interact with a system in order to determine how to optimize the system from the users point of view.User experience research is predicated on that idea; empathizing with users will vastly improve products and save resources in the long run.
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Benefits of User Experience Research

The Benefits of User Experience Research – Part 2

What is User Experience Research? User experience research (UXR) aims to empathize with users, developing a deep understanding of their desires and abilities while maintaining the context of the business objectives.
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What is User Experience Research? Part 1

In this three-part series, REEA Global explores what user experience research is, the benefits to be gained from understanding your users' voices, and practical use cases to follow through on insights and recommendations. So what is user experience research?
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custom-developed software

How to Set Requirements for Custom-Developed Software

Building custom-developed software without having solid requirements is like trying to fly a plane without a flight plan.Yet, so many custom software developers set off blindly without understanding the problem they’re trying to solve, only to discover when it’s too late that they were totally off course.
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” Their work was on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. In addition to their core expertise, the REEA GLOBAL team has a lot of skill in anticipating unspoken needs. The result was a final deliverable that was much better than envisioned ”

Court – Executive Director

” Our entire team, including our executive leadership, found this to be an incredibly valuable investment that allowed us to change a few things, even mid-build to ensure the next version release of our product was as user-friendly as possible ”

Jessica – Head of Product

” They went above and beyond meeting our design needs and easily saved our company 6 months to a year’s worth of work. REEA delivered a gorgeous product design that put us on par with our much larger competitors. We are now punching way above our weight and REEA is one of the reasons why. ”

Tim – Co-Founder

” It has been a pleasure to work alongside their experienced frontend and backend developers as a team to meet our product goals. REEA Global’s staff is professional, reliable, and trustworthy — a great partner through the challenges of software development. ”

Deena – Head of Product

” The team is super responsive and is helping us prioritize our needs. The weekly meetings allow us to check in and give us an opportunity to bring up issues in a timely manner. ”

Karen – Director of Clinical Programs

” The team was organized and prepared in addition to providing the executive team with seamless communication and full transparency during the process, something we had lacked in prior relationships  I would highly recommend the REEA Global team. ”

Evan – CEO & Founder

” REEA was seamless in their setup and, more importantly, integration with the existing team. The work product was excellent, and we certainly plan to keep using them ”

Jason – CEO