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Mobile Applications

Create a best-in-class mobile experience on iOS and Android to establish frictionless interactions with your brand across multiple platforms. Our team of cross-platform experts can make this vision a reality.

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"REEA delivered a gorgeous product design that put us on par with our much larger competitors. We are now punching way above our weight and REEA is one of the reasons why."

-CEO of a Cyber Security Solution



Build engaging and scalable applications to meet your customers where they are and continue to outperform their expectations. Our team of 140+ full-time engineers is at your service and committed to your project at every step of the way including requirements analysis, project documentation, design, estimation, project management,
testing, and maintenance.



Get in front of customers on the Google Play store and in the iTunes App store by creating an intuitive, pleasant mobile experience that shadows your brand’s identity. Don’t be one of those out-of-touch companies with an outdated, difficult-to-navigate app – or, even worse, with no app at all. Create a great impression with your customers at every opportunity- including on mobile.

Explore our User Experience Research service to learn more about how conducting a study focused on users’ perceptions of your product, service, or platform can uncover insights to develop and design exactly what users need and want. Take the guesswork out of user experience and get feedback, insights, and recommendations from actual user feedback instead.

It’s time to establish a mobile presence.


Development Process


We’ll start the project off by defining the requirements by performing an analysis of what the product aims to solve and how it actually solves that problem. Developing clear and concise requirements outlines a guide to mobile development which saves time and in turn saves money.


The design will be based on what the product aims to achieve and consider layout and navigation to reduce friction as much as possible. We highly encourage clients to explore what our user experience research studies have to offer in uncovering a deep understanding of what users want and how they perceive products. The knowledge gained from these studies will propel mobile design in the right direction.


Taking into consideration the project's requirements, goals, and design, our team will develop the mobile application while in collaboration with the client’s team to ensure every aspect of the project is communicated and agreed upon.


Once our team develops the mobile application, we will vigorously test every aspect of the platform to ensure functionality is seamlessly integrated. We will address any bugs found and put preventative measures in place to ensure no similar issues occur.


Let’s focus on growth! With the mobile application live, we encourage clients to challenge themselves by creating the best possible experience for their users. Development shouldn’t include only one iteration of improvements; it should be an ongoing process as we work to continuously improve user’s experiences.

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REEA Global’s core services are custom software development and user experience research designed to work together to fuel product development by making meaningful changes with a deep understanding of the product’s users. Our mobile application development is one of several custom project types we offer.

Our service offerings are built to suit each organization’s individual needs; however, we’ve found our services to be most beneficial when clients combine user experience research with development. User experience research provides insight into the development process in regard to what users actually want and need. Replace the most dangerous words in development, “I think,” with “the users said!”

That said, we do have clients who choose to pursue mobile application development without embarking on user experience research. We are willing to work with clients where they are and help them get to where they want to be.

Our service offerings are built to suit your organization’s individual needs.
However, some common mobile applications developed are:

  • Educational
  • Lifestyle
  • Social Media
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming

Mobile App Technologies Supported
Native IOS, native Android, Flutter, React Native, QT

What clients are saying.

” Their work was on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. In addition to their core expertise, the REEA GLOBAL team has a lot of skill in anticipating unspoken needs. The result was a final deliverable that was much better than envisioned ”

Court – Executive Director

” Our entire team, including our executive leadership, found this to be an incredibly valuable investment that allowed us to change a few things, even mid-build to ensure the next version release of our product was as user-friendly as possible ”

Jessica – Head of Product

” They went above and beyond meeting our design needs and easily saved our company 6 months to a year’s worth of work. REEA delivered a gorgeous product design that put us on par with our much larger competitors. We are now punching way above our weight and REEA is one of the reasons why. ”

Tim – Co-Founder

” It has been a pleasure to work alongside their experienced frontend and backend developers as a team to meet our product goals. REEA Global’s staff is professional, reliable, and trustworthy — a great partner through the challenges of software development. ”

Deena – Head of Product

” The team is super responsive and is helping us prioritize our needs. The weekly meetings allow us to check in and give us an opportunity to bring up issues in a timely manner. ”

Karen – Director of Clinical Programs

” The team was organized and prepared in addition to providing the executive team with seamless communication and full transparency during the process, something we had lacked in prior relationships  I would highly recommend the REEA Global team. ”

Evan – CEO & Founder

” REEA was seamless in their setup and, more importantly, integration with the existing team. The work product was excellent, and we certainly plan to keep using them ”

Jason – CEO