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Custom e-Commerce

Want to develop an entire e-commerce site or build off an existing one? REEA Global has expertise in a variety of technologies to plan, design, and execute your custom e-commerce project.

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” Their work was on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. In addition to their core expertise, the REEA GLOBAL team has a lot of skill in anticipating unspoken needs. The result was a final deliverable that was much better than envisioned ”

Court – Executive Director

” Our entire team, including our executive leadership, found this to be an incredibly valuable investment that allowed us to change a few things, even mid-build to ensure the next version release of our product was as user-friendly as possible ”

Jessica – Head of Product

” They went above and beyond meeting our design needs and easily saved our company 6 months to a year’s worth of work. REEA delivered a gorgeous product design that put us on par with our much larger competitors. We are now punching way above our weight and REEA is one of the reasons why. ”

Tim – Co-Founder

” It has been a pleasure to work alongside their experienced frontend and backend developers as a team to meet our product goals. REEA Global’s staff is professional, reliable, and trustworthy — a great partner through the challenges of software development. ”

Deena – Head of Product

” The team is super responsive and is helping us prioritize our needs. The weekly meetings allow us to check in and give us an opportunity to bring up issues in a timely manner. ”

Karen – Director of Clinical Programs

” The team was organized and prepared in addition to providing the executive team with seamless communication and full transparency during the process, something we had lacked in prior relationships  I would highly recommend the REEA Global team. ”

Evan – CEO & Founder

” REEA was seamless in their setup and, more importantly, integration with the existing team. The work product was excellent, and we certainly plan to keep using them ”

Jason – CEO



Each business is unique and its e-commerce platform should be too. REEA Global offers a unique blend of the entrepreneur's perspective and experience along with a large team of 140+ engineers, designers, QA specialists, and dev-ops experts to help plan and execute your implementation. REEA Global has teams to support, develop, and manage platforms including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and custom e-commerce solutions.



With our e-commerce platforms custom-built to our client’s requirements and needs, every step of the development process can be personalized. When designing and developing, our team will be in frequent communication to ensure the overall success of the e-commerce platform. As with any development project, we highly recommend taking advantage of our user experience research service to learn straight from your users want they need and want. Replace the most dangerous words, “I think” with, “The users said.”

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Requirements Analysis: To start, the REEA Global team uncovers the main goals of the platform and begins the requirements analysis. Defining clear and concise requirements outlines a guide for the development process. Although this guide acts to keep the project on schedule, the biggest benefit is ensuring all parties are in agreement and aware of the next steps.

Design: Although not required, we highly recommend clients take advantage of our user experience research services to gain a deep understanding of what users need and want in a product. Regardless of how good one think’s their product plan is, unless it’s been tested by users, it could likely fail. Our product development experts will analyze the data available, either from the user experience research study or previous user data, to make recommendations on design improvements.

Develop: Taking into consideration the project's requirements, goals, and design, our team will develop the e-commerce platform while in collaboration with the client’s team to ensure every aspect of the project is communicated and agreed upon.

Test: Once our team develops the e-commerce site, we will vigorously test every aspect of the platform to ensure functionality is seamlessly integrated. We will address any bugs found and put preventative measures in place to ensure no similar issues occur.

Deployment: With the project underway and fully tested, our dev ops team ensures that all necessary resources are in place to deploy the initial launch and all subsequent releases.



REEA Global is a proud BigCommerce partner focused on creating seamless experiences for our clients. Due to the vast amount of requirements for custom software development that typically can’t be satisfied with native capabilities, our development team of 140+ engineers is key to effective and efficient custom software development projects.



REEA Global’s core services are custom software development and user experience research designed to work together to fuel product development by making meaningful changes with a deep understanding of the product’s users. Our e-commerce development is one of several custom project types we offer.

e-Commerce Technologies Supported

BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce

User experience research

As fellow founders and product development experts, we help clients navigate through product requirements, design, estimation, execution, and deployments using tested processes and a perspective that consultants lack.

Custom software development

Conduct user experience research to deeply understand what users need and want, uncovering insights and updates to the design processes of products, services, or software.

Web applications

Maximize your company's potential with expertly-crafted web applications from our highly experience team of developers.

Mobile applications

Create a best-in-class mobile experience on iOS or Android for internal or external customers.

Backend development

We can assist with the full-service architecture, estimation, documentation, and build of the backend including APIs and integrations.

Data analytics & visualization

Implement an overarching data strategy to enable descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

e-Commerce build & manage

We offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions, including custom design, development, and management to help your business succeed online.


Bring your AI project to life or simply to the next level with REEA Global's expertise in NLP and image recognition.