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Backend Development & Integrations

The backend of your custom software or integration project is the foundation that dictates the durability of your platform. If you need a full-stack team that includes backend experts to help refine requirements, craft an execution plan, and build your solution, REEA Global can help.

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"Reea Global’s team has provided excellent service and demonstrated vast expertise. It has been a pleasure to work alongside their experienced frontend and backend developers as a team to meet our product goals."

-Director of Instructional Design at an E-Learning Provider


Development & Integrations

The REEA Global team includes a large bench of backend developers that can tackle new projects from the ground up or accelerate a smaller project like building an API. Projects come to us in varying stages that range from startups with a basic product and some user traction to enterprise-level custom software platforms. Our team can assist with defining requirements and architecting the best solutions to support the business need. Best of all, we have a large team to execute the project with full transparency at every step of the way.



You can expect fluid communication in immediately established channels so that the backend effort immediately meshes with the front end, product team, QA, and leadership. We also have extensive experience working with other 3rd party developers and in-house technical teams seamlessly by establishing or adopting project management and communication protocols.

Let our team of experts
guide your project from start to finish.


to Expect

Planning and

When starting any project, planning is important. Our backend engineers and project leaders will work with your team to make sure requirements are thorough and complete so that estimates and timelines are accurate. Most of a project’s success is determined in the planning and documentation phase, so this is a critical step that helps clients think through use cases, technologies, and long-range considerations.


Taking into account what your users actually need and want instead of making assumptions is key to efficient development. Although many clients see increased growth and positive user feedback as a result of user experience research, we do have clients who pursue development without taking advantage of our user experience research service to learn from users.


Our team regularly communicates all timelines and schedules with your team. This transparency fosters a collaborative environment to maximize the success of the project.


After discussing the needs, expectations, and goals of the project in-depth, our team begins creating your project. By keeping every member aware of project updates, we keep the project on track.


With the project processing, our team assists in writing and formalizing test plans to standardize the testing process before and after deployment.


After the project has been fully tested, our dev ops team ensures all necessary resources are in place to deploy a successful initial launch as well as subsequent releases.

Project Types

Custom Software



Web Applications

Mobile Applications

API Development





REEA Global’s core services are user experience research and custom software development designed to work together to bring the best possible project to your users. Our global team and local leadership have the expertise to benefit your project at every phase, including backend development.

We highly recommend taking advantage of our user experience research to gain a deeper understanding of what your users need and want. Doing so fuels product development and guides changes with data-backed decisions. Many of our clients choose REEA Global as their technology partner for Front End Development, Back End Development, Mobile Development, Gaming, eCommerce, CMS, and User Experience Research to fully benefit from our team.

Backend Technologies Supported: Native IOS, native Android, Flutter, React Native, QT

What clients are saying.

” Their work was on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. In addition to their core expertise, the REEA GLOBAL team has a lot of skill in anticipating unspoken needs. The result was a final deliverable that was much better than envisioned ”

Court – Executive Director

” Our entire team, including our executive leadership, found this to be an incredibly valuable investment that allowed us to change a few things, even mid-build to ensure the next version release of our product was as user-friendly as possible ”

Jessica – Head of Product

” They went above and beyond meeting our design needs and easily saved our company 6 months to a year’s worth of work. REEA delivered a gorgeous product design that put us on par with our much larger competitors. We are now punching way above our weight and REEA is one of the reasons why. ”

Tim – Co-Founder

” It has been a pleasure to work alongside their experienced frontend and backend developers as a team to meet our product goals. REEA Global’s staff is professional, reliable, and trustworthy — a great partner through the challenges of software development. ”

Deena – Head of Product

” The team is super responsive and is helping us prioritize our needs. The weekly meetings allow us to check in and give us an opportunity to bring up issues in a timely manner. ”

Karen – Director of Clinical Programs

” The team was organized and prepared in addition to providing the executive team with seamless communication and full transparency during the process, something we had lacked in prior relationships  I would highly recommend the REEA Global team. ”

Evan – CEO & Founder

” REEA was seamless in their setup and, more importantly, integration with the existing team. The work product was excellent, and we certainly plan to keep using them ”

Jason – CEO