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Get to know your customers like never before. Convert unstructured data, like online reviews, inbound calls, and customer support tickets into insights that drive innovation.

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The foundation for any successful organization is a deep and ongoing understanding of the customers needs, wants, and frustrations. Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool which can unlock the full potential of your unstructured, free text data in a way that was never before possible or practical.

Understanding how this amazing technology works is a prudent first step so we've compiled a brief report which might also serve as a create launchpad for determining how you can unlock the power of the unstructured data in your organization.

To learn more about the basics of sentiment analysis, please download this free report and feel free to reach us.



A Quantitative Approach to Understanding Customer Opinion

It’s no secret that your customers’ opinion about your brand has a direct impact on bottom line. And, with the surge in popularity of online review platforms, customer feedback surveys and the Net Promoter Score, organizations worldwide have adopted programs to ensure that customer feedback is regularly collected. Once collected, quantitative data (like: rate your experience with your customer service representative on a scale of 1 to 5) is distributed to marketing, product and leadership teams.

But, what happens to the feedback that can’t be quantified? Often, the most important, game-changing details are buried inside rich, text-based, unstructured data. These key data points are often overlooked because unpacking them is not only time-consuming, but also introduces human bias to the process.

Putting to work the latest advances in artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning (“ML”), REEA Global Sentiment Analysis was designed to help organizations convert unstructured data into accurate insights that teams can actually use. This powerful service can consume unlimited amounts of free text and report back common themes, as well as the sentiments attached to these themes. Our sentiment analysis reports are scalable across any set of unstructured data and can be turned around with lightning-fast speed.



“Robert & Sons Plumbing was a great choice. Bob showed up on time, slipped on protective covers to prevent damaging my floors, and was very professional. I thought the parts were expensive and wondered why he had to go back to the shop to get a basic part like a sink trap to finish the job faster, but I was pleased overall.”

I am glad I used the services of Robert & Sons Plumbing. They came out within a few hours of calling them and were very nice and friendly. The price of the service was reasonable, although the parts were a bit expensive. I would highly recommend them to anyone and would use them again if we need a plumber.”



Expensive parts

Action PLAN

Certified parts program (10-year guarantee)


Data Visualization

Converting your unstructured data into accurate data points is only part of the customer sentiment analysis journey. In order to provide actionable insights, it’s critical that sentiment is visualized in a way that everyone in your organization can easily interpret and act upon.

The REEA Global Team will work with you to build a strategy around key themes and uncover the sentiment attached to them. Use cases include customer feedback around home visits for an HVAC company, or online reviews about room cleanliness for a hotel. Unlocking the ability to quickly identify and resolve areas of vulnerability in customer experience is paramount to building a better brand, stronger business and happier customer base.


How It Works

Sentiment analysis can be applied to just about any large, unstructured data set that’s important to your company.

Using customer reviews of a home service provider company as an example, the theme in the text might be:

With key themes identified, the machine learning algorithm is able to quickly and accurately analyze opinion about those themes and the core descriptive terminology that contribute to this sentiment. In the example above, modifiers such as “fast service” correlate to a positive sentiment, or opinion. Putting these pieces together the AI model is able to report that clients are very happy with the speed of service.

Are you ready to unlock next-level customer service, marketing, and product innovation?

Inspiration: Common Use Cases

Customer Feedback

Customer Reviews

Inbound & Outbound Calls

Support Emails

Chat Transcriptions

Survey Data


Analysis & Visualization

About Our Services REEA Global’s Sentiment Analysis service was built to enhance your customer experience strategy by offering high-precision analytics with easy-to-digest visualizations of the output. Our ability to implement sentiment analysis in a near real-time fashion can support your organization to reduce reaction times to negative feedback and resolve situations with deeper insights into how the customer feels about your product or service.

Our service offerings are built to suit your organization’s individual needs. However, some common packages include:

1. Introductory Analysis (FREE): Our team of experts will work with you on an introductory sentiment analysis utilizing a single data source to determine if this tool is a good fit for your organization.

2. One-Time Analysis: Transform your full data set into actionable insights with a one-time sentiment analysis.

3. Ongoing Monitoring (with free training): Leverage sentiment analysis to keep tabs on evolving themes in your data so that you can act on them faster. Reports are delivered on a schedule which you specify with alerts for notable changes.